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by: Wayne Ross

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you are finding everything you need. If not please feel free to contact me.

I have always loved art, but I never could paint draw, or play a musical instrument. I have always enjoyed traveling and taking photos to remember my trips, but I could never get the same type of photos that I would see in magazines like National Geographic Magazine. I started doing research to see how to become a better photographer, but at the time the equipment and a lot of traveling was out of my reach financially, so I just kept taking the normal pictures with old disposable film cameras and point and shoot cameras. In 2013 I began working in EMS and was able to travel a little bit more traveling for work, and at this time cameras on cell phones were a lot better and I would still take my normal pictures. The real change started in 2017 when I got a job at Health Team Critical Transport, which was an ambulance service provided by WVU Ruby, and since Ruby got patients from all over WV, PA, MD, OH, VA and various other states, I started traveling more.
Along with the upgrade in miles driven I got a very generous pay increase, which landed me my first DSLR camera an Olympus E-420, and it went everywhere with me, but there was still a lot that I didn't understand about the concept of photography, and I was limited on lenses and knowledge. Thinking that part of my problem was the camera, I upgraded to a Canon T6I and while I waited for it, I began down the rabbit-hole of YouTube and Google. While this was an amazing learning experience it also became a very expensive one, because I went out and bout gear that well, I rarely ever use. I started out mainly doing Landscape Photography, traveling all over West Virginia, mainly to waterfalls, and popular tourist attractions. After a while of doing landscapes a friend of mine and I started going on these little adventures together, and I started incorporating people into my photography. My first paying gig was my friend and partner at work, she hired me to do photography of her sons Football game, and later her son’s baseball games.
Through just doing photos just having fun and hanging out with friends, I started doing a couple weddings a couple birthday parties and some homecoming shoots, as well as the most recent tik-toc trend of beer posters. In all this I became interested in doing Drone Photography and some video, while this is not my main push, I do offer these at a greatly reduced rate due to my inexperience. This brings me to today, thanks to friends and family, I have gotten some paid work as a photographer, and have done a bit of everything. Each day I gain more and more experience even taking classes at Pierpont Community and Technical college. I have also upgraded some of my kit to a Full Frame camera, and slowly getting better and better lenses.

DATE: August 7, 2021
TAGS: Photography, Nature, Hat